How much traffic can you get from Product Hunt?

Ever wondered how much traffic your project can get from Product Hunt? Recently my project has been featured on the main page of Product Hunt. It was product #6 on that day, in this article I will show you all the numbers + how you can launch your product.


Even though I’ve read that in order to do a successful launch you should do a properly planned marketing campaign, it wasn’t the case in my situation. Since it was just my side project, I simply wanted to try it out without a lot of preparation.

How to post your project

On Thursday I have posted the project on Product Hunt. It is actually pretty straight forward:

1. Click on that plus button on the home page

2. Enter the link to the project

3. Describe your project a little more and preview how it will look in the listing.

I’ve done the preview pictures, avatar and wrote a simple description.

That was it. My only promotion tool was my Twitter account, that had about 350+ followers, however, only 1 person upvoted it from it.

However, the next day, when I checked the product hunt page again, it stated, that the link will be featured on Sunday. I was pretty shocked but super happy, wrote to my friend, with whom we’ve done this project and we started to wait for the featuring.

Featuring day

The project was featured on 9:00 GMT+3. First visitors were from India and then Europe and America started adding up.

To provoke some discussion I’ve written a welcome comment on that post + so that it would not look empty in the comment section.

That day we had 453 visitors:

Here is some additional data about visitors:

Obviously, Sunday is the worst day for being featured, however, it still gives this amount of good traffic. Taking into account that the project, which landed on the 6th place for that day got so much visitors, we can only imagine how much more potential there is.

Next days

The next days’ traffic started to fade away, however, it was still going.

Additional benefits

In addition to the direct traffic, you get reposts in facebook and twitter:


Product Hunt is a great promotional tool for good and interesting products, you can get a lot of traction. If you have SaaS or other paid product you can get quality customers.



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